Health and Wellness at Fairway Flats

Mental and physical health are intertwined, and a healthy diet and exercise routine can improve your mood. By establishing a consistent routine, you can maximize your health and improve your overall lifestyle.


How to Eat Healthy at Home 

Proper foods can energize your body, as well as improve your mood. Look at each meal as fuel for your body. According to, you should opt for whole grains, eat a lot of vegetables, and add lean protein, such as chicken, tofu, or beans. They recommend eating fish at least twice a week. Avoid added fats that are often present in dips and sauces, as they add calories to what may otherwise be a healthy meal. Don’t be afraid to try new foods, like lentils, quinoa, or yams in order to keep things exciting in the kitchen. 


At-Home Workouts 

No gym, no problem. Working out at home has never been easier. There are many great online resources for training advice, such as From no equipment workouts to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), they provide you with everything you need to know to get started. Don’t forget to warm up to get your blood flowing and avoid injuries. 


Improve Your Mental Health

Lockdowns, business closures, and social distancing guidelines can take a toll on us mentally. However, pursuing a peaceful mind can allow you to focus more on the things you love. If you are feeling down, The University of Michigan Health, offers some tips on staying sane during this strange time. Taking a break from the news, catching up with loved ones on a Zoom call, and write down your thoughts and concerns in a journal can all be ways to improve your mental health and decrease anxiety. 


Coronavirus has left so many of us feeling unsure of our futures. However, one thing we can control is how we treat our bodies. A healthy diet and exercise routine can boost our immune system and improve our mood. Implement healthy choices in order to improve the way you feel, both inside and out.