Spring Cleaning in Eco-Friendly Ways

Wellness has never been more important than it is today. Living in a tidy and organized home can have a major impact on your emotional and physical health. We have all spent 2020 cooped up at home and many of us have probably let things slip. Let’s make 2021 a fresh start with a great spring cleaning in your Fairway Flats Apartment

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

There are clear and measurable mental health benefits of a clean home. A clean home relieves stress. Recent studies have shown that people who regularly spend time cleaning their homes are more relaxed and happier than people that don’t. Clean homes boost productivity. Experts agree that keeping your home organized with everything in its place has a significant impact on personal productivity. Clean homes can help you stay active. Studies show that people who spend time cleaning their homes exercise more often than people that don’t.

Ways to Go Green with Your Cleaning Process

Most of us want a clean home without contributing unnecessarily to climate change, so it’s very important that we follow green practices during our spring cleaning. The good news is that there are several easy tips you can follow to do just that. First, since many products are not safe for kids or pets, make sure you are using basic safety when storing and handling cleaning products. With that out of the way, it’s important to target green cleaning products. Baking soda is great as a gritty base for scrubbing. Vinegar is great as a disinfectant and for loosening dirt. Lemon juice is also a powerful disinfectant and it’s excellent with grease. As a pro tip, you can use all three together. Adding lemon or vinegar activates baking soda with a mild acid to really improve its cleaning power.

Local Stores for Cleaning Material or Cleaning Services for Hire

Things are starting to open up in Lawrence in 2021! Target and Walmart are chock full of great cleaning materials. Need a hand with your spring cleaning? Check out Housekeeping Unlimited and their 5 Star Reviews. They are a solid local cleaning service.

Spring 2021 is going to be all about a fresh start, which starts with a clean home. Having a clean home will really help with your mental and emotional health. This year, you can have one without hurting the environment and visiting your local stores will help them get off to a strong start, too. Have a great time making that clean, orderly, and organized house a reality this year!

Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Fairway Flats Apartment

Winter can be difficult. However, with a little planning and preparation, you can make winter 2021 the best winter ever!  The weather can be tough, it can be hard to stay warm, and the features of your apartment can make a real difference. Here are some tips and tricks to stay warm and cozy in your Fairway Flats Apartment

Winter Weather in Lawrence

Winter 2021 is expected to be mostly mild for much of the United States. This winter you can expect highs at about 38 degrees Fahrenheit and lows down to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow is typically not more than 8 inches on average although there may be about 5 inches of rain during the year. This year, it is likely to be wetter than in the past. 

Winter weather can be harsh on the body, inside and out. Make sure to stay hydrated as your skin and your body tend to be dryer in cold weather exacerbated by the use of a heater. Drinking plenty of water will help and if your skin gets dry, then use lotion regularly to help keep your skin hydrated, too. 

Great Ways to Stay Warm 

When it does get cold, you can stay warm without having to turn up the heat. Your parents were right, so make sure to dress in layers. It’s easy to add a cute sweater or jacket over a long sleeve top and an under shirt. Wearing thick socks or slippers around the house will help keep you comfy. A great cup of soup will fill you up and warm you up. A hot cup of coffee or cocoa will also help you to keep warm. A lot of us suffer from dry air, so consider using a humidifier when you do feel the need to turn on the heater.

Apartment Features for Comfort

Where you live can really have an impact on how you live. This winter your apartment can keep you safe, warm, and comfortable. Fairway Flats has some stand-out features including the clubhouse, fitness center, and wellness center to keep you warm and healthy. Check out Fairway Flat’s amenities page for more information. It’s the perfect place for you this winter.

We all know 2020 was a tough year and we are looking forward to a great 2021. This winter can be your best winter ever. You can make the most of it by preparing for the weather, planning to stay warm, and picking the right apartment. Make this your best winter ever!   

New Year, New Possibilities

It’s time to say goodbye to 2020 and say hello to 2021! With some planning, a little work, and a great attitude this can be your best year ever. Check out these can’t miss ideas to make the most out of 2021. This is a new year with new possibilities at the Fairway Flats Apartments.

Personal Goals to Set for the Year

Every year we tend to focus on what we can do better and that certainly is true for 2021. The New Year is a time for goal setting, for doing new things, and for making sure we improve the important things. Here are some of our favorite goals for 2021. First, learn a new skill, what could be better than investing in yourself? Money is always a challenge, so be sure to create a monthly budget.

Perhaps it’s time to stop streaming shows and movies and start reading more, so try to read 12 new books this year. Start the day off right by creating and sticking to a new morning routine. Many of us probably picked up some bad habits in 2020, so be sure to eliminate one.

We have all been separated by COVID-19, so be sure to spend less time online and more time reconnecting to friends and family. For the adventurers, travel to a new place and start a travel journal. No matter what you choose, make sure to focus on a goal that makes this version of you the best version ever! For many of us, celebrating the holidays this year will probably have to be done at home.

Apartment/Home Goals 

There are so many ways to get your apartment ready for the New Year. We all know it’s important to make a good first impression and this year that’s truer than ever. Time to throw out the old and bring in the new. Get rid of the clutter and organize your workspaces. Since you may still be working at home or your children may still be attending school from home, then it’s time to reorganize the areas around your home to help with productivity.

Organizing your living spaces and workspaces can help you to destress and we could all definitely use less stress in the new year. Take the time to clean out what you no longer use and keep only what you need. Less is more in 2021. You don’t need the stress from clutter and disorganization. Get rid of what you don’t need and keep your life and living areas simple. A clean and organized home can help you stay healthy, make it easier to clean, and help you to find what you need when you need it. 

2021 Apartment Décor Trends

With a new year, you may want to redecorate your apartment. Start with a theme. 2021 will be all about a basic modern style driven by a return to minimalism. Next, make sure the new year is bright with maximized light in your living space. 2021 will see a dominance of lighter woods combined with darker color accents. Make sure to choose design elements that elevate your own style whether that’s casual, formal, elegant, or even rustic.

A new year probably means some great new shopping. Although most shopping will likely be done online this year, you will have more options than ever. Sometimes you need to actually get out and look for yourself. Plus, most of the malls will be sure to have some new and fun things to do. If you need to pick up new decorations or gear for your great new habits, visit Westridge Shopping Center or Pine Ridge Plaza. They are open and sure to help you make 2021 your best year ever.

Celebrate the Holidays in 2020

The holiday season is going to be fantastic in 2020, if a little different. Sure, it’s 2020, so we need to social distance and wear masks to help us stay safe, but we can still have a healthy dose of holiday cheer. Check out these can’t miss ideas to make the holiday season a hit in 2020. Celebrate the holidays at Fairway Flats.

How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

There are so many ways to get your apartment ready for holidays. We all know it’s important to make a good first impression. Most of us will keep party goers at a safe distance this year. Start with a theme. First, choose a color to get everyone in the mood for the holiday season. While red and green are some favorite traditional colors, other festive colors include gold and silver. This year, bright colors like purple, teal, white, and blue are also going to be very popular. Next, add in some holiday icons like snowmen, snowflakes, elves, or stars. Finally, keep in mind the atmosphere you have in mind. Make sure to choose minimalistic elements for your casual, formal, elegant, or even rustic themes. Make sure that you don’t forget the lights! 

How to get into the Holiday Spirit

For many of us, celebrating the holidays this year will probably have to be done at home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit at home. Start setting the mood by baking or joining a cookie exchange. Make sure to have some seasonal comforts around your apartment like apple cider or hot chocolate. Music is a great way to get into any mood, so play some holiday favorites (Alexa and Apple both have fantastic holiday playlists). Gather with your family, in a safe way of course, to watch favorite movies or TV shows. And, as always, the best way to get into the spirit is to give back. Sadly, we all know that this year has more need than ever. 

Holiday Events Near Your Apartment

What is the season without shopping? Most shopping will be done online this year and you have more options than ever. Sometimes, you need to actually get out and look for yourself. Plus, most of the malls will be sure to have some safe and fun things to do. If you need to find that last minute gift, pick up wine or a dessert for a dinner party. Need to get out? Visit Westridge Shopping Center or Pine Ridge Plaza, which are open and can provide some holiday cheer.

Social distancing will definitely make the holiday season different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and safe for everyone. Curbside and at-home delivery make it easier than ever to get the decorations, supplies, food, or gifts that you need to make the season a hit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with some seasonal inspiring at-home celebration ideas. Celebrate the holidays at home. 

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Homemade Treats, Online Shopping

Covid 19 has created a conundrum for people in Lawrence, Kansas, and all over the country about the holidays this year: gather together with family and friends and risk contracting the virus or stay at home and miss out on all the traditions we’ve come to know and love? This is the year to create new traditions by staying home in your Fairway Flats apartment to celebrate Thanksgiving with a wonderful meal followed by online Black Friday shopping.

Cooking tips and recipes

Surprise your family this year with an over-the-top decadent Southern Thanksgiving dinner with a deep fried turkeySouthern-style dressing, and sweet potato casserole. A deep fried turkey is a Southern tradition in many states. Make your cornbread for the dressing in a cast iron skillet to give it that authentic Southern taste. Brown sugar and pecans contrast deliciously with the sweet potatoes. Revise the recipe to fit your household size, and you’ll be good to go. Just remember to make enough for leftovers so you can be feasting and celebrating at home over the long holiday weekend. To purchase the groceries for this meal, check out Sprouts Farmers Market.

Safety in the kitchen

It’s always important to play it safe in the kitchen, but especially now when we all need to avoid hospitals. One of the first safety measures in deep frying a turkey is to move it all outside of the kitchen. Be sure to keep the fryer away from any wooden structure, especially decks and trees. If you are incorporating little ones into the cooking, be sure to educate them on the proper way to carry a knife and to stay away from the hot surfaces.

Online Black Friday Shopping

Stores abound around Fairway Flats, but this year, cuddle up in pajamas and a blanket and do your shopping from the safety and comfort of your couch. Eccentricity gives you choices for the fashionista in your life, along with many other item, and their Web site offers free shipping. Have a University of Kansas fan in your life? The KU Bookstore has a wide array of merchandise to please any fan.


2020 has been a hard year for everyone, and a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration will brighten your spirits. You won’t even have to leave Fairway Flats to do so. Just prepare your own meal with some delicious new recipes and tackle that Christmas shopping from your couch.

Halloween at Fairway Flats

Halloween is going to be fantastic in 2020, if a little different. Halloween is on a Saturday, there will be a full moon, and people want to celebrate. Sure it’s 2020, so we need to social distance, wear masks of a different sort to help us stay safe, but we can still have a spooky great time. Check out these can’t miss ideas to make Halloween 2020 a hit. Fairway Flats is the right place to celebrate. 

How to Decorate Your Apartment

There are so many ways to get your apartment ready for Halloween. We all know it’s important to make a good first impression and this year that’s even truer as most of us will keep trick-or-treaters at a safe distance. Set the stage. Carve creepy pumpkins with stencils and easily available templates. Decorate doors with cut-outs of ghosts, goblins, witches, and more.  Make sure the neighbors can see some colorful creatures by combining monster cut-outs and contact paper on the windows. For the inside, fairy lights, felt spiders, and glow in the dark skeletons are always hit. It’s the little things that really set the mood. Try the mirror hidden message trick, get some scotch tape and spell out a scary message on your mirror, allow the tape to set and remove. Then run some hot water to reveal hidden messages to your guests.

How to Celebrate at Home

For many of us, celebrating Halloween this year will probably have to be done at home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to raise goosebumps at home. Start by setting the mood with Halloween baking and some apple cider. Carving pumpkins is always a hit, so each person can get involved in making their ideas come to life. What’s Halloween without costumes? Make sure to get everyone dressed up and set up a video conferencing call with friends and family so everyone can share the scares. Set up a baby monitor on the porch, so you can have fun interacting with trick-or-treaters. Treats can be in the form of an outdoor haunted house or a video performance through your windows instead of the typical eatable delights. Movie marathons are great since you can choose movies appropriate to any age group or audience (from Goonies to Friday the 13th, there is something for everyone) and those can be shared from the comfort of your own apartment through a number of popular streaming services (Netflix Party, KAST, YouTube, Discord, Facebook, and more). 

Halloween Hotspots Near Fairway Flats

Luckily, stores are open near you, so you can get what you need for Halloween. If you need costume, makeup, and decorations, there are Spirit Halloween stores in the surrounding areas. You can find everything you need to create a spooky environment. Although many haunted houses are closed this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own spooky environment at home to celebrate in. 

Social distancing will definitely make Halloween different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and safe holiday for everyone. Curbside and at-home delivery make it easier than ever to get the decorations, supplies, and costumes you need to make Halloween a hit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with some seasonal inspiring at-home celebration ideas.

Health and Wellness at Fairway Flats

Mental and physical health are intertwined, and a healthy diet and exercise routine can improve your mood. By establishing a consistent routine, you can maximize your health and improve your overall lifestyle.


How to Eat Healthy at Home 

Proper foods can energize your body, as well as improve your mood. Look at each meal as fuel for your body. According to choosemyplate.gov, you should opt for whole grains, eat a lot of vegetables, and add lean protein, such as chicken, tofu, or beans. They recommend eating fish at least twice a week. Avoid added fats that are often present in dips and sauces, as they add calories to what may otherwise be a healthy meal. Don’t be afraid to try new foods, like lentils, quinoa, or yams in order to keep things exciting in the kitchen. 


At-Home Workouts 

No gym, no problem. Working out at home has never been easier. There are many great online resources for training advice, such as www.nerdfitness.com. From no equipment workouts to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), they provide you with everything you need to know to get started. Don’t forget to warm up to get your blood flowing and avoid injuries. 


Improve Your Mental Health

Lockdowns, business closures, and social distancing guidelines can take a toll on us mentally. However, pursuing a peaceful mind can allow you to focus more on the things you love. If you are feeling down, The University of Michigan Health, offers some tips on staying sane during this strange time. Taking a break from the news, catching up with loved ones on a Zoom call, and write down your thoughts and concerns in a journal can all be ways to improve your mental health and decrease anxiety. 


Coronavirus has left so many of us feeling unsure of our futures. However, one thing we can control is how we treat our bodies. A healthy diet and exercise routine can boost our immune system and improve our mood. Implement healthy choices in order to improve the way you feel, both inside and out. 

Helpful Tips for Returning to School

Heading Back to School 

Parents have very different concerns this year for getting their children ready for going back to school. Instruction varies from state to state, county to county, or district to district. Students may find themselves learning virtually, in-person, or a combination of the two. Regardless of how the instruction is delivered, students still need to study and complete homework at home, they still need school supplies, and they may benefit from finding various places to study to keep them engaged. Whatever method of instructional delivery your child receives, here are some tips and tricks to get your child ready for the new school year. 

How to Study and Complete Homework at Home

Organization, a structured schedule, and a productive workspace are essential to the success in studying and completing homework. In schools, students have regular schedules that align with instruction and learning. They need the same consistency at home. Help your child create a consistent schedule at home if they have to go to school virtually, one they can post above their work areas (desk and chair with ample lighting). Make a grid with the days of the week and list the blocks of time to make it easy for your child to follow (if your child’s school or classroom has a specific schedule, then follow that schedule and add homework time to the end prior to dinner). Color code the schedule to help your child remember the blocks of time to complete each subject.

Don’t Forget Breaks

Don’t forget that breaks are important. Children who attend middle school and high school have classes that are about 45-50 minutes long. Subjects are broken down even shorter for elementary aged students, so make sure that your child gets ample breaks each hour.

Homework Time

Complete homework right after school after a nutritional break. Also, make sure to add time for getting home and settling down. Homework times vary, typically growing based on the student’s grade level. A kindergarten student may finish homework in 10-20 minutes, whereas a high school senior in five Advanced Placement classes may need several hours.

Workplaces are Important

Regardless of the age, each student needs a structured workplace with clear expectations of when the work should be completed. Give children consistent structure and expectations right from the beginning. They will learn to continue with those study habits. Make sure the workplace is free of distractions. The materials need to be readily available. Young children work best in an open area with parent support, such as the kitchen table. As they grow older, then they may benefit from having their own desk and chair for the tablet or computer issued by the school and their school supplies in their desk drawers or a crate so they can easily store their textbooks, notebooks, and supplies. Let’s discuss how school supplies can help children in their studies. 

The Best School Supplies

Whether your child is going back to school in the classroom or virtual environment, there are basic school supplies that children need to promote their success and organization. Depending upon their grade levels, different types of paper can help them practice and improve their writing. Younger children in grades PreK-grade 1 need lined paper to learn how to write. Whereas older elementary school-aged children can use wide-ruled notebook paper and middle school or high school aged students typically prefer college-ruled notebook paper. Children in grades 2-high school benefit from using a binder with divider tabs (pockets are an option to help when hole-punchers are not readily available). Younger children tend to use smaller binders (1-1.5 inches) and as children age, then they need to get larger binders.

Teachers/Schools Recommend Supplies

Teachers usually have specific classroom supply lists that they prefer their students to have from types of pencils and pens to types of organizational tools. Make sure to check with your children’s teachers prior to school starting to get their recommended supply lists.

If your child is able to return to the classroom this fall, then other important supplies include a sturdy backpack, lunchbox, and pencil box/bag that can hold the pencils, crayons or colored pencils, markers, highlighters, and pens. Many schools provide a computer or tablet to each student or family, so make sure to review the instructional technology available for check-out with your child’s school especially with the need for virtual instruction or to complete their work at home during the health crisis. Educators work with families to help the students to be equipped for the new school year, When in doubt, check with your children’s teachers for the materials that would best work with their classes.

Places on Property to Study

Above all else, beware of distractions. It’s important to find a place to study that is free of distractions. Some experts will tell you that a dorm room is a terrible place to study, but a dorm room isn’t a bedroom. Bedrooms can have their pluses and minuses. If your child’s bedroom has a structured study area that is organized and free of distractions, then it can be a fine place to study. 

Places to Study at Fairway Flats

As children age, they tend to want to study elsewhere and middle school, high school, and college students may want to meet with their friends to study. The Fairway Flats community offers many areas that students can study on their own or in small groups. From the indoor clubhouse or outdoor areas like the patio by the pool, students can  find places that give them quiet areas to study.

Studying outdoors can also be a lot of fun and the sun and fresh air can help students stay alert and motivated. They can also study on their own private patio or balcony. The Jayhawk Club can be a fun place to meet with friends to complete a project. The fitness center may be a fun place to read plus reading when working out on the exercise bike or treadmill is a great way to stay fit for both the mind and body. There are areas throughout Fairway Flats that are user friendly for study groups and studying outside the home. 

Studying in the Community

In the community, parks, the local library, and even the local coffee shop are great places to study, and Fairway Flats is just minutes away from the University of Kansas and downtown. Beware of distractions. Balancing the work and play helps to keep children interested and inspired.

The New Normal

Going back to school especially in a year with so many changes and unknowns can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The basics are the same, children still need school supplies, a structured schedule, and an organized place to study. Parents are their support, offering them the praise and help as situations arise. With the health crisis, parents may be their teachers. Normalize the situation and help them understand why in a positive way. Remember, you were their teachers for their first five years before they started school and even after. You keep them safe, keep them engaged, and keep them happy. This school year can be just as normal as any other if you help them through it. 

Best Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month

Best Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month


Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth quite like a scoop of ice cream. This July, we celebrate National Ice Cream Month and all its many forms. Read on for the full scoop on this frosty treat and how you can take part in the fun from home!


Tasty Types of Ice Cream


When you think of ice cream, you most likely think of its most common form: milk and cream frozen and slow-churned to perfection. But there are tons of ice cream cousins to try out too! Gelato ups the smooth factor with the addition of creamy egg whites to the mix. Sorbet is a water-based frozen delight that’s sweetened by fruit juices and liqueurs. Frozen yogurt replaces dairy milk with the tartness of protein-packed yogurt, which has active cultures that are great for digestion. No matter your taste preferences or dietary restrictions, there’s a type of ice cream that’s out there for you!


Making At-Home Ice Cream in Your Apartment


While you’re likely to find all these types and more at your local grocery store, there’s magic in making your own. You can DIY ice cream with just a few simple ingredients and plastic zip-up bags! Check out this recipe from Delish that walks through how to make at-home ice cream in minutes. If you’re dairy-free, you can replace dairy creamer with a vegan substitute. Once you’ve made your ice cream, dress it up with toppings of your choice! Try salted caramel sauce for a decadent pair to plain vanilla, or add a pop of color with edible flowers.


Order-In Ice Cream in Lawrence


As a new resident here at Fairway Flats, you’ve joined a community that truly loves its ice cream! There are so many local creameries in Lawrence, KS you’ll have a blast exploring. One of our favorite local spots is Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and Treats. This sweet spot makes their frozen yogurt on location with their unique recipe. Since they opened their doors, they have featured over 80 different flavors. Go check ‘em out! 


Be sure to celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a scoop and a smile! How are you planning to ring in this sweet month? Let us know in the comments!